Exam. Still exam.

Yape. Still exam~ Why? I don't know. Just know i must study or i will get a bad result. I sit behind the window, it is very smelly and dirty. Yuckss...i hate it. But i have no choice. Luckily, there have certain so i can cover the discusthing wall. Exam? easy. normal. hard.. just like playing games. If you fail, that means you GAME OVER! pray for pass and A+.


 Pray for peace.... JAPAN                    amitofo~


In phone ~ ' Hello Chen, you there? guess what? WE ARE IN FINAL ! ' " What the hell you talking about? Are you joking to me?" ' LOL, i am not joking! IS REAL !' Yeah! 2 Medang is in final. Of course 2 Medang with 2 Randa. Congrats to my class ! o, 2 Randa too. Haha ! We plan go to PCB for having party. But after final , cause now still wanna practice More HARDER ! In final, i am not the conductor. Anyway, thanks for 2 Medang, Conductor and teacher. O, then what about drama? Drama have been disqualieyfight. Our BM teacher don't like us. So... But nevermine, we still have CHORAL.

Drama! Choral!

Muahaha! Today school is having a competition about erm, Drama ! A funny and crazy drama for us. Actually, we didn't prepare anything for today's drama. We just practice in this morning at school. Hope the judges will enjoy seeing that drama although we prepare on last minutes O, choral? Our choral must louder and MORE louder! 2 Medang target is can be in the final ! I think tomorrow is the day for us to take choral competition. We will try our best! 2 Medang, please , and PLEASE. Be serious! Yape, just TRY ALL YOUR BEST !


Run. Run. Run. O, just run. Even the distance are long, i must run, i try my best but the result is not really good. At least , i enjoy in that day~ The sun, still shine. That means very hot, hot till i melt. After the sport day is exam day. Exam, some easy, some normal, some difficult! Today exam sejarah, my class is so noise, i can't concentrate. Just hope can pass~ I mean all SUBJECT can pass too. Gambateh yea every student!


Yo? Why at school so many activity? Bored. Today i have B.M exam, hope can get great result. Everyone love A , of course me too.. Today also got Leo~ I have fun in there, we all play some games. If a person who lose they must be punished. such as use lipstick to draw on our face.Yuckz, become funny~Haha! luckily i didn't lose. Happy Valentine Day's Everyone ! Hope you have a great dinner or? with your lover!

Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, hope you all have fun in this new year! Haiz, i was thinking about the school exam. Owh, i hate exam! Totally hate! All student must study at home. I am so tired and busy about the homework or tuition, no time to study at all. So i hate exam. That is school rules , i can't broke it. Must hardworking! Gambateh! Hope this year can get a fat fat "A" ! Sorry if i type wrong some word cause some stuff make me moody~ sorry.

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Howdy peeps , my name is Yui and i was born on October . I love making craft with friend . Otherwise , i hate friends who betrayed me without saying a certain reason . That's me . Hope you all enjoy reading.

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Exam. Still exam. Tsunami Finally~ Drama! Choral! Run♥Exam Valentine Chinese New Year! Cheer up ! :D Teacher Run. Jog. Walk. Jump!